Paws Explore Internet safety tips

Follow these safety tips to help you stay safe when you are using the Internet, email or other online activities.

Kelly says do...

Tell a parent, teacher or other adult if anything happens on the Internet that you don't like or are unhappy with.
Remember, you can always close the website.

Always ask permission before using the Internet and use websites that your parent or teacher agrees you can use.
An adult should know every time you are online.

Keep your passwords a secret - Only tell your parents or a teacher.
If not, other people could login to your accounts or pretend they are you.

Always tell an adult about anything that makes you uncomfortable or worried.
You can always log-off and leave the website.

Use a nickname when online.
This way other people are less likely to be able to find out your real name and other personal information about you.

Robbie says don't...

Don't give out any personal information when you are online.
Keep your full name, address, phone number, email address, parents' names and school name a secret - People can use this information to contact you or pretend to be you.

Don't meet up with an online friend or anyone you don't already know.
They may not be who you think they are. If you really must go, take an adult with you.

Don't click links that pop-up – Always close the web browser.
Web pages and windows that pop open from a site are usually trying to advertise.

Don't open junk mail or email attachments unless you know what they are.
Sometimes these emails are unpleasant and may allow a virus to get on to your computer. Tell an adult straight away.

Don’t fill in surveys or forms, or upload photos of yourself, your friends or family without checking with an adult first.
Keep your personal information as private as possible online and only share it with people you know in the real world.